Transitioning to the cloud has never been bigger, or better for businesses running and maintaining a successful communication team. Just by doing away with your old telecommunication lines and switching to VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), you can be saving anywhere from 30% to 50% through your phone system alone.
To effectively make the move and begin using a VoIP system you will need the services of an experienced telecommunication team. Working with a full-service telecommunication advisor will provide you with comprehensive and competitive plans for your number hosting and get you up and running smoothly and efficiently.
If you’re still asking yourself, why does VoIP matter to your business? Let us explain how making the switch will not only save you money but benefit the operations of your business in the long run:

5 Ways VoIP Will Benefit Your business

1. Lower Costs

If your business makes regular overseas calls or is constantly using the phone lines, making the switch to VoIP will be a huge money saver. While traditional phone lines charge for each minute of call time, VoIP has set charges that are paid each month, often including unlimited local or mobile calls or pay-as-you-go plans.
The hardware and software accompanying a VoIP setup is also an efficient way to lower the costs of your business. With quality providers ensuring their clients have up to date software and compatible hardware , your system will be set up from the start. This hardware will eliminate the need for you to source your equipment and will ensure your system is working seamlessly 24/7.

3CX softphone on all devices

2. Worldwide Access

With VoIP technology being extremely portable and flexible, it gives your employees the freedom to work from home or anywhere in the world. By operating the telecommunications of your business through the internet, you are facilitating your phone line connections through a safe and secure portal.
With the ability to host the smallest or largest amount of new or pre-existing phone numbers, VoIP gives your business unparalleled versatility in its installation. With traditional phone systems requiring a unique number to be assigned to each line, VoIP works differently, this means if you want to grow or change offices, your VoIP can easily be transferred without delay

3CX softphone and IP phone

3. Scalability

One of the key benefits of using a VoIP for your businesses telecommunication requirements is the flexibility it offers in the sale of its operation. With number hosting available that caters for:

  • Single number housing – at a small monthly fee.
  • 100 number range – at a competitive monthly rate.
  • Simple number porting – for a once-off payment.
  • Complex number porting – for a once-off payment.
  • Enlisting in a VoIP ensures the growth and expansion of your business is catered for in the most efficient and economical way possible.


4. More Effective Communication

One of the more interesting and innovative aspects of using VoIP is the way you can divert phone calls to more than one device. For example, you can prioritise calls so they ring once at your desk, then the call is transferred to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop if it remains unanswered. Through this, your important calls are answered more often and less time is spent checking voicemails, reducing the amount of communication lost in translation.

5. Reliability

VoIP offers you consistent reliability over all else. With the security of a telecommunication system designed to provide seamless integration of your business needs, it’s easy to see why making the conversion can change the operations of your team.
Through tailored number hosting services customised to the size and nature of your business, you can create a predictable and manageable framework for carrying out the day-to-day communications of your team.

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