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SIP Trunking and your business

SIP Trunking enables you to connect your pre-existing IP PBX to your clients, operating over the IP network. In fact, you can essentially think of it as a digital phone line replacing the traditional PSTN lines, allowing for both voice and video calls.

While “SIP trunk” sounds like a technical term, the concept itself is rather simple:

“SIP”¬†refers to Session Initiation Protocol, responsible for sending and receiving calls, and “trunk” simply refers to a connection between two points.

A SIP phone number isn’t attached to any physical location, therefore allows for simple rerouting to different geographic locations. SIP channels can be added or removed quickly and easily, making them a very flexible choice for telecommunications.

Aatrox Communications SIP trunks are a great addition to your company’s unified communications strategy, and are configured and tested to work with 3CX IP PBX, as well as other popular PBX systems.

Learn more about SIP trunking and PBX technologies at our FAQ and Definitions pages

White Label SIP trunk provider

Aatrox Communications offers wholesale SIP to service providers across Australia and internationally. We work closely with our partners, ensuring tailored support and tiered pricing plans so your savings grow as your business does.

3CX is our recommended PBX, with our SIP trunks configured and tested for compatibility, however our trunks will work with all popular IP PBX phone systems.

All wholesale VoIP services supplied by Aatrox Communications are white labelled, and our simplified billing allows you to re-brand and add your costs with ease.

Choosing Aatrox Communications as your SIP trunk provider ensures you are getting the best value and service, with all offices and infrastructure located right here in Australia.

For more information, visit out partners page or feel free to get in touch with our sales team who can walk you through the partnering process.

Are you looking for a national 1300 or 1800 number?


Aatrox Communications offers competitive hosting plans for 1300 and 1800 numbers, both number pool and smart numbers available.

1300 numbers enable your customers to call from anywhere in Australia for the price of a standard local call, while 1800 numbers allow your customers to call for free.

Learn more about inbound numbers and call rates.

Our Story

Aatrox Communications started as a SIP trunk provider in 2006, supplying voice services throughout Australia and internationally. We pride ourselves on our tier 1 infrastructure based in Australia and New Zealand.
By specialising in providing flexible and reliable VoIP services to partners and end users, we have differentiated ourselves by being able to advise how to implement the solution from the ground up.
We are here to focus on end users and partners get involved in VoIP, save money internally and grow their voice arm of their business.
3CX partner
3CX advanced certified
3CX certified engineer

Aatrox Communications is an Australian owned and operated full service SIP trunk provider. We specialise in connecting the traditional telephony network to the internet for small and large businesses.

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