1800 & 1300 Numbers

Aatrox Communications offers highly competitive rates for inbound 1300/1800 number services, with a small once-off set up fee and great customer service based here in Australia.

Inbound Numbers


1800 and 1300 numbers are also fully portable, highly customisable and require no additional equipment.

Customisable Numbers

Create your own smart number to represent your business and ensure your customers remember your number, or choose from a wide range of memorable numbers.


Do you have a nationwide business? Ensure your customers can reach you from anywhere for the cost of a local call.

Managing Incoming Calls

Route your incoming calls to numbers that best suit you – whether that may be the office, a mobile number, or both.

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1300 Numbers

$15/ month

ex. GST

VoIP number answering point

1300 Local, National & Mobile $0.09 per minute

1800 Numbers

$20/ month

ex. GST

VoIP number answering point

1800 Local $0.11 per minute
1800 National $0.12 per minute
1800 Mobile $0.18 per minute

Once-off porting fee


ex. GST

Minimum Total Cost is $35.00.


Inbound Services Critical Information Summary

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More information

What are 1300 numbers?

1300 numbers are 10 digit local call numbers, meaning the callers are charged local call rates from anywhere in Australia.

The cost of an incoming call to a 1300 number is considered to be shared between the caller and  the account holder, who is charged based on where the call originates and where the call is being routed to on the receiving end.

A 1300 number will provide a more professional appearance, which can be of particular importance to a small business, or a company ready for expansion.

1300 numbers generally make for a far more memorable number and lower the customers’ costs when they call a 1300 number, as the price remains the same regardless of where they are in Australia.

What are 1800 numbers?

1800 phone numbers are ten digit numbers which are free to call across Australia from both landlines and mobile phones.

Calls are charged to the account holder on a per minute basis for the call, the rates depending on where the call has originated from and whether the call has been made from a landline or mobile phone.

A 1800 number will increase the likelihood of inbound calls to the business, as no charges will be made to the customer. 1800 numbers also portray a more professional appearance than a landline or a mobile number, and many consider the slightly higher cost to be worth the investment when considering the additional leads it often provides.

Smart Numbers

A major benefit to 1300 and 1800 numbers is the availability of a wide range of smart numbers. Smart numbers include easy to remember numeric patterns, phone names or phone words.

Phone Name: 

Promote your brand and create a memorable number, by securing a phone number that spells your business name.

Phone Word: 

Incorporate your products and services into your number by purchasing a 1300/ 1800 number with the product or service name.

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