PAYG & Capped SIP trunk plans


Aatrox Communications SIP trunk plans are available to businesses of all sizes across Australia.

Number porting enables you to use your existing numbers and extensions, or start fresh with all new numbers included in both the pay-as-you-go and capped SIP trunk plan.

Simple SIP Trunk Pricing

Find the best plan for your business

By replacing your traditional phone line with a SIP line, not only are there lower call rates, but you are able to take advantage of a number of great VoIP services. Local, mobile and international call rates are lower, and together with 3CX, we are able to offer free calling between remote offices. 

Local & National Calls

  • Untimed to any national or local number in Australia

Mobile Calls

  • Billed per second with no flagfall or minimum.

13/ 1300 Calls

  •  Untimed, to any 13/ 1300 number.

Local & National Calls

  • Local Calls are included within the Capped Call Plans

Mobile Calls

  • Mobile calls are included within the Capped Call Plans

Each SIP line allows one concurrent inbound or outbound call – find out more about determining the required number SIP lines.

PAYG SIP Lines Critical Information Summary

Capped SIP Line Critical Information Summary

Minimum Total Cost for PAYG is $10.00 (1 SIP Line + 1 Single Number Hosting).

Minimum Total Cost for Capped is $47.00 (1 SIP Line + 1 Single Number Hosting).

All prices are Ex GST.

Looking for 10+ Concurrent Calls?

Aatrox Communications offers competitive pricing for companies looking for 10+ concurrent calls.

Are you a Not-For-Profit or Charity?

 We provide custom pricing for not-for-profit companies and charities within Australia.

Which SIP plan is best for your business?

Pay as you go SIP calls


Aatrox Communications’ Pay-As-You-Go SIP Trunk plan allows you to connect an IP or analog PBX system to the telephone network, drastically reduce call costs, and use your existing phone numbers from anywhere in the world. 

If you find that your business is predominantly calling landlines, a PAYG plan is probably the right one for you.

With no contract and no setup fee, this is the perfect way to start saving money on your business phone system with VoIP.

Prices exclude GST
Yealink IP phone
3CX dashboard

Looking for a capped SIP trunk provider?


Aatrox Communications’ capped SIP trunk plans let you predict your month to month telecommunications expenses.

This SIP trunk plan is considered to be the best value for businesses predominantly calling mobile numbers and call centres with a high amount of incoming and outgoing calls.

Prices exclude GST
Capped SIP Trunk Limitations
  • Calls of types other than local, national and mobile are not included in this bundle, and are charged at the applicable rates. These include international calls, premium rate calls such as directory assistance, and 13/1300 numbers. 1800 calls are not charged.
Aatrox Communications recently worked with a partner on a large 3CX deployment for a company paying tens of thousands on mobile calls a month. By setting up the customer with both a PAYG and unlimited SIP trunk plan, we were able to find the best solution.

Read more about this recent deployment.

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Aatrox Communications is an Australian owned and operated full service SIP trunk provider specialising in connecting small and large business to the traditional telephony network using the internet.