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Internet-based phone services have been transforming the corporate telecommunications market. Once you learn about the numerous benefits VoIP business phone providers can offer your company, you’ll quickly see why this technology has become so renowned in the corporate space.

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What do wholesale VoIP providers offer?

A wholesale VoIP service describes an offering in which a carrier provides large volumes of voice communications to other VoIP service suppliers at a discounted rate. This then allows these other VoIP business phone providers to expand their capacity for VoIP calls made on their platforms by end-users.

Wholesale VoIP offerings are popular among resellers of voice products such as call organisations, terminations, and toll-free voice calls. They may come packaged alongside SIP connections that resellers can then use to power their own solutions.

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Aatrox Communications Wholesale VoIP Solutions

Here at Aatrox Communications, we offer white label wholesale SIP and VoIP solutions to service providers across Australia. While we recommend 3CX, our SIP trunks will work with all popular IP PBX systems.

When you partner with us, you get to make our SIP trunking solutions your own. Your customers never need to know that we exist, while you get the peace of mind that our support teams are always here if you require any help.

Our attractive margins mean that it’s easy for you to set your own prices, create your own bundles, and make VoIP plans work for your services. Best of all, we offer tiered pricing plans so your savings will grow as your business does.

What is White Labelled VoIP?

White labelled VoIP, also known as private label VoIP, means that our branding will not be on your product and your customers will never hear from us.
We have a streamline billing process that makes it easy for you to rebrand these VoIP and SIP trunking services as your own. Add your mark-ups in a straightforward way and send them straight on through to your end users.

Whether you want to take advantage of our competitive pricing for your existing VoIP capabilities or leverage our VoIP expertise as you start from scratch, when you partner with Aatrox Communications, you’ll get a superior product to offer your customers.

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What is a VoIP provider?

VoIP business phone providers offer IP-based telephony, which essentially allows your business to make and receive calls over the internet.

VoIP itself stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, and refers to a technology allowing people to make voice calls over the internet in real-time. This protocol allows digital voice data to travel over IP networks, which means that your computer network can be set up to function like a traditional phone network and used as a landline.

However, that’s not all that modern VoIP phone systems offer. They also come with a wide range of additional features that can equip your company with a great all-around communications experience. The best VoIP business phone providers can create a one-stop hub for all your company’s telecommunications and collaboration needs.

These systems can allow you to make and receive calls, send faxes, conduct live chats, and even start video conferences all from a single interface. No filling up your device’s memory with downloads and switching from app to app.

Whether your company is a small, growing business or a large enterprise, the right VoIP provider can help you communicate with your employees and customers in as efficient and effective a manner as possible.

The benefits of using VoIP for your business

Free your business from the constraints of limited physical phone lines with VoIP business phone providers. These systems allow you to place calls from your mobile phone or desktop, which will still appear under your business number on your customers’ caller IDs.

You’ll still be able to accept incoming calls from clients or customers, even if your device has a different private number attached to it. This will significantly increase your ability to send and receive unified business communications.

As remote working becomes increasingly common, VoIP phone systems have become more vital for a business than ever before. They’ll allow your employees to place and receive business calls even if they’re outside of the office, using your business’ phone number.

VoIP business phone providers can equip your employees with the tools to keep work going, no matter where in the world they are. That’s why, in this increasingly globalised world, these interfaces are also extremely useful if you have employees who are frequently on the road. These powerhouses of telecommunication will take your business’ communications to the next level.

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Here are just a few of the reasons why VoIP has become the preferred technology for modern business communications:

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Simpler Set-Up

While traditional business telephony requires high up-front costs for hardware and are expensive and complicated to install, VoIP systems are the opposite. VoIP business phone providers can set up your systems far more quickly, as they are fully virtual and thus require no new hardware installations.

As a matter of fact, installing a VoIP system can often be completed without calling out a technician, which means you’ll benefit from great savings on service fees.

Traditional telcos often have compulsory contracts featuring early termination fees and will charge you for maintenance call-outs, implementations of new features, and technical support requests. In contrast, VoIP providers offer no monthly contracts and do not charge for the implementation of new features.

Plus, instead of having to call out a specially-trained staff member for maintenance, VoIP business phone providers can often set up your interface so that you can make changes on your own. This will help them go live quicker and allow you to customise any alterations exactly to your business’ needs.
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Business-Friendly Features

Many VoIP systems offer features that are fantastic for business communications. These include unlimited calling, conference calling, personalised caller IDs and multiple features all based off a single platform.

The modern business needs to adapt to a wide range of multimedia formats, including text messages, faxes and even online meetings. VoIP allows you to navigate all these formats off a single convenient place. That’s why VoIP business phone providers can help your employees get more done with greater speed and ease.

Enhanced Flexibility

Incoming calls can be automatically routed to a device of your choice. With the option to add or remove voice channels at your leisure, you’ll be able to easily adapt your network to your business’ evolving needs.

Plus, by unifying different multimedia formats in a single platform, you’ll be able to communicate using different mediums for different purposes. This includes sending and receiving fax messages electronically (without even needing a fax machine), sending and receiving text messages using your business’ phone number, and hosting or joining online video conferences and teleconferences from any place and device.

Customised Call Management

Some VoIP business phone providers offer auto-attendant features with their systems. An auto-attendant can automatically answer incoming calls and route them to the correct department or extension. This will save your employees’ valuable time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks, while still ensuring that the right enquiries are directed to the right people.

Many auto-attendants also allow you to customise answering rules. This means that calls answered out of office hours are handled differently. For instance, you could play a message informing your customers that your office is currently closed, and advise them to call you back during business hours.

International Calling Made Better

VoIP business phone providers charge far cheaper rates for international calls compared to traditional telcos. As your calls will be routed over the internet rather than through traditional, physical phone networks, long-distance calls are considerably less expensive when made using a VoIP system.

This means that you’ll be able to liberate your business from the limits of physical borders when you switch to using VoIP. Build your presence anywhere across the globe or unite an international workforce using a single secure communications platform. You’ll be able to activate international phone numbers instantly from multiple countries and add them as needed. Make and receive calls like a local with VoIP business phone providers, wherever in the world you might be.

Your staff will be united under a single business phone system, no matter where they might physically be. You can reach any individual, anywhere in the world using their own virtual extension. Best of all, many providers will allow you to make these internal calls free of charge. That’s why a VoIP system is a great tool if you plan to take your business worldwide.
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Premium Functions, Single Device

A VoIP-based phone network can allow you to turn a single PC into your business’ communications hub. You’ll find that many VoIP business phone providers give you the option to set up a softphone – a software-based telephone system that allows you to turn your computer into your business phone.

That means that you’ll be able to make and receive calls via the internet right off your computer using your VoIP interface, saving you the money of purchasing a separate, external handset and further streamlining your business’ communications.

Make Calls from Anywhere

Your employees will no longer be confined to working within your physical office space once you’ve established your VoIP system. Discover a whole new world of business opportunity with this fantastic new technology. VoIP business phone providers will help you get business done, anywhere from New Zealand to New York.

As VoIP systems route calls over a high-speed internet connection, you’ll be able to work efficiently no matter where you are. This means that whether you want to build a remote team, plan to enter new international markets, or have sales staff often on the road, they’ll still be able to benefit from these fantastic telephony features and keep connected and collaborating.

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