HaloPSA CRM Integration

Aatrox Communications has developed a platform which allows us to integrate 3CX into one to many CRMs.

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 Why use a CRM Integration with your phone system?

When integrating your CRM with your 3CX Phone system you will be able to know exactly who is calling before you pickup the phone. 3CX will automatically query the CRM to ensure it has the latest contact record details and download the contact to use in 3CX. The contact will then be able to be used to search and dial the contact, send SMS and display the Caller ID.


HaloPSA CRM Capabilities


Aatrox Communications is provides integration with HaloPSA CRM via easy and straightforward server-side configuration with the 3CX API for CRM. The integration provides many benefits to users of 3CX and HaloPSA CRM, including:

Contact Synchronization
– inbound / outbound calls from / to external numbers trigger a CRM contact lookup to add to 3CX Contacts, so the contact name is automatically shown on your phone’s display when dealing with a call.
– Create a new contact automatically when a call is made or received from / to an unknown number.

Call Pop-ups
– when using the 3CX Web Client, the customer record is brought up to you automatically when you receive an inbound call.

Call & Chat Journals
– calls are logged as CRM call records.
– chats are logged as CRM activity records.

Click to Call
– launch calls directly from HaloPSA CRM via 3CX, using the
3CX Desktop App for Windows.



SMS Integration with HaloPSA

Real-time Ticket Updates

Keep your customers informed with real-time updates on their support tickets. Whenever there is a change in the status of a ticket, an SMS notification can be sent automatically, ensuring your customers are always in the loop without having to check their email or login to a portal.

New Ticket Alerts

Notify your support team and customers instantly when a new ticket is created. This immediate alert system helps your team respond quickly to new issues and allows customers to know that their request has been received and is being addressed.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve appointment adherence by sending SMS reminders to customers. Whether it’s a scheduled service call or a follow-up meeting, timely SMS reminders ensure that your customers remember their appointments.

Customer Feedback Requests

Gather valuable feedback by prompting customers to provide their thoughts after a ticket is resolved. An SMS request for feedback can significantly increase response rates compared to email, giving you better insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Service Outage Notifications

Quickly inform your customers about service outages, maintenance updates, or any critical issues affecting your services. SMS notifications are a fast and effective way to communicate urgent information, ensuring your customers are aware of any disruptions.



Benefits of SMS Integration

Enhanced Communication

Integrating SMS with HaloPSA ensures that your messages reach customers directly on their mobile phones, providing a more immediate and effective communication channel.

Improved Customer Service

By keeping customers informed and engaged through SMS, you enhance their overall experience. Timely updates and reminders contribute to higher satisfaction and trust in your services.

Increased Efficiency

Automation of routine notifications such as ticket updates and appointment reminders allows your team to focus on more critical tasks, improving overall operational efficiency.


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