3CX Microsoft 365 Integration

Aatrox Communications has developed a platform which allows us to integrate 3CX into one to many CRMs.

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 Why use a CRM Integration with your phone system?

When integrating your CRM with your 3CX Phone system you will be able to know exactly who is calling before you pickup the phone. 3CX will automatically query the CRM to ensure it has the latest contact record details and download the contact to use in 3CX. The contact will then be able to be used to search and dial the contact, send SMS and display the Caller ID.

Microsoft 365 Integration Capabilities


Aatrox Communications is able to enable Microsoft Office 365 Integration with 3CX. Please see some of the integration capabilities below:

 Standard License Integration

– Sync user accounts from Microsoft M365/Azure Active Directory

– Enable Single Sign On so users can use their Microsoft O365 credentials to be able to login to the 3CX Web Client and Management Console

Professional License Integration

– Users personal phone books can be synced with their personal 3CX phone books which allows them to be able to Call/SMS contacts easily

– Shared Mailboxes are abled to be synced with the 3CX company phone book which allows all users to be Call/SMS contacts with ease

– Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Sync enables the status of the 3CX extension to change based on if the extension is in a meeting on their calendar.

Enterprise License Integration

– 3CX Teams Integration allows users to be called by 3CX users and teams users to make/receive outbound/inbound calls via 3CX. Office 365 Phone System Licensing is required.



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