Microsoft Team Direct Routing


Here at Aatrox Communications, we offer Microsoft Teams Direct Routing plans to businesses of all sizes, Australia-wide.

Aatrox Communications Microsoft Teams plans are available to businesses of all sizes across Australia.

Number porting enables you to use your existing numbers and extensions, or start fresh with all new numbers included for routing within your Microsoft Teams tenancy.

Microsoft Teams Pricing

Find the best plan for your business

By replacing your traditional phone line with Microsoft Teams, not only are there lower call rates, but you are able to take advantage of a number of great VoIP services. Local, mobile and international call rates are lower, and together with Microsoft Teams, we are able to offer free calling between remote offices. 

Local & National Calls

  • Untimed to any national or local number in Australia

Mobile Calls

  • Billed per second with no flagfall or minimum.

13/ 1300 Calls

  •  Untimed, to any 13/ 1300 number.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Each SIP line allows one concurrent inbound or outbound call – find out more about determining the required number SIP lines.

PAYG SIP Lines Critical Information Summary

Minimum Total Cost for PAYG is $11.95 (1 SIP Line + 1 Single Number Hosting).

All prices are Ex GST.

Looking for 10+ Concurrent Calls?

Aatrox Communications offers competitive pricing for companies looking for 10+ concurrent calls.

Are you a Not-For-Profit or Charity?

 We provide custom pricing for not-for-profit companies and charities within Australia.

Which SIP plan is best for your business?

Pay as you go Microsoft Teams

Aatrox Communications’ Microsoft Teams Direct Routing plan allows you to connect your Microsoft Teams environment to the telephone network. You will have available your basic functionality available such as Rings Groups, IVR’s and Call Queues.

If you find that your business is predominantly calling landlines, a PAYG plan is probably the right one for you.

With no contract and no setup fee, this is the perfect way to start saving money on your business phone system with VoIP.

Prices exclude GST
Microsoft Team Direct Routing
Aatrox Communications recently worked with a partner on a large 3CX deployment for a company paying tens of thousands on mobile calls a month. By setting up the customer with both a PAYG and unlimited SIP trunk plan, we were able to find the best solution.

Read more about this recent deployment.

3CX SIP trunks
Yealink CP960 with microphones

Keep your existing numbers and extensions when you use number porting. If you’d prefer, you can also start fresh with entirely new numbers included for routing as part of your Microsoft Teams tenancy.

We also offer wholesale SIP Trunking services. Click here to find out more about them.

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The Rise Of Collaboration

The last few years have seen transformations in the way we work and do business. Team collaboration tools like Slack, Asana and Microsoft Teams have been on the rise, as companies increasingly embrace central hubs where team members can work together seamlessly, no matter where they are.

SIP lines for a call centre

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to take advantage of the functionality tools offered by these collaborative platforms, including:

  • Launching video and audio conferences
  • Sending instant messages
  • Sharing files
  • Annotating documents

An increasing number of employees are embracing remote working – and your business should, too. Studies have shown that remote and mobile workers are often more productive and cost-effective than their counterparts in the office.

Collaborative, cloud-based tools are perfect for keeping your remote employees connected to the business, and Microsoft Teams is one of the best on the market.

It allows you to:

Keep track of teams and information with ease

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing places everything you need to know about your workforce in one easy-to-access environment. This will save your team members time that they’d otherwise spend jumping between multiple applications.

Facilitate Remote Working

Let your employees work remotely and online without worrying about lost productivity. You won’t have to worry about vital information going lost when your sales team is on the road. This also makes it much easier for your business to expand into other states or countries.

Communicate Better

Microsoft Teams allows your employees to connect however they choose. For instance, they can select between voice chats, video calls, instant messaging, and more. The flexibility of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows your employees to select the communications solution that works best for them to get more done.

What is Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams users can use their internal collaboration systems to make, receive, and manage calls from mobile phones and landlines. There are many options for doing so, and one of the best available is Direct Routing.

Direct Routing describes a process by which a user can connect Microsoft Teams to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – that is, the traditional phone network – and used as a business phone system.

This involves connecting your Teams interface to a business telephony provider that manages Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, such as Aatrox Communications. Microsoft also offers its own Microsoft Calling Plans, which are tightly integrated with Teams’ functionality. However, they are usually more expensive and both more time-consuming and confusing to set up, especially if you do not have specific technical knowledge around telephony systems.

By choosing Direct Routing, you’ll get the flexibility to select a provider of your choice, which will mean better cost savings for your business. In addition, if you use a certified Microsoft Partner, you’ll get to keep your verified integration with the Teams Platform.

How Direct Routing Works

Two elements are necessary for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to connect your Teams system to your office’s telephone network. They are a customer-provided Session Border Controller (SBC) and SIP Trunks.

Session Border Controller

An SBC is used at the borders between different networks to ensure the proper transfer of data between them. SBCs provide a layer of security from attacks and breaches, improving the security of your information.

Traditionally hosted on-premises, SBCs are increasingly moving to a cloud-hosted model. That offers your business greater flexibility while lowering your up-front costs.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are an essential component for connecting your business’ phone system to the PSTN over the internet. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is so effective because of the superiority of SIP Trunking to traditional business telephony. As SIP is entirely software-based, it is cheaper, more effective, and far more versatile to install and run.

One of AU’s best Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Partners

You might wonder why you would want to replace your traditional phone line with Microsoft Teams.

Doing so will give your business a wide range of services to optimise your operations while cutting your costs, such as through lower call rates.

Plus, Aatrox Communications offers free remote calling between remote offices. That means that when you choose us to manage your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, you’ll get to watch your business scale while your costs stay low.

When you partner with us to connect your Microsoft Teams platform to your telephone network, you’ll get to keep your basic functionalities while benefitting from an excellent range of collaborative tools.

Are most of your calls going to landlines? Then a Pay-As-You-Go plan is probably the best option for you. With no contract or set-up fee, this is the best way to start saving money on your business phone system when you make the switch to VoIP.

Business cloud PBX

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Wondering whether you should make the switch?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can be a fantastic option for your organisation if you want to embrace the tools Teams offers a phone business network, but need more flexibility than what Microsoft’s pre-set calling plans offer.

That’s because it offers greater flexibility, broader geographic coverage, and increased levels of support, all at lower rates.

Reduce Costs

If your organisation’s already using Microsoft Teams for your internal communications, connecting it to your external systems will mean you won’t have to set up a separate business phone system. That will save you the costs of the equipment, installation, and servicing too.

Unified Communications

When you use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for your business phone system, you’ll get a one-stop, fully-fledged telecommunications network offering you true unified communications capability.

By combining your internal and external communications into a single, tightly-knit system, you’ll get a simple, easy-to-use platform. With all your calls, chats, meetings, files and much more in a single, convenient place, it will be far simpler for your employees to access the resources they need rather than hunting through multiple different platforms.

Choose Your Own Provider

When you use Direct Routing, you get to pick your own third-party provider to manage and host your business phone network.

If you choose a comprehensive, cost-effective Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provider like Aatrox Communications, you’ll get to save significant amounts both upfront and over the long term while benefiting from our team’s expertise and reliability.

Keep Your Numbers

You don’t have to lose the numbers your employees and customers are familiar with when switching your network to Teams. By porting your numbers, you’ll get to maintain continuity and your business identity. Plus, because you won’t have to replace your systems, materials and add new lines or users, you’ll save both time and money.

Calling Capabilities

You’ll get to benefit from a range of collaborative features when you use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. These include video meetings, file transfers, integration with Office 365 and much more. By converting Teams into the basis for your business’ phone network, you’ll get to take advantage of its additional call features.

These include call transfers, queues, holding, auto-attendants, location-based call routing, speed dial, simultaneous ringing, voicemail, Meeting Rooms, and much more.

With Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, your employees and customers will stay connected to your business, no matter how far from the office they are.

Do you want to incorporate the incredible benefits this platform offers into your telecommunications? Aatrox Communications are the provider of choice for your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing needs.

Want to know how we can help you make the switch? Please get in touch with us at 0383972990.

Aatrox Communications is an Australian owned and operated full service SIP trunk provider specialising in connecting small and large business to the traditional telephony network using the internet.