Virtual Mobile Numbers

Make your business more personal with a Virtual Mobile Number

Virtual Mobile numbers can be used either on our Pay-As-You-Go Plan or Unlimited SIP trunk plans.

You can also transfer (port) your existing mobile numbers to Aatrox Communications or we can provide you with new ones.

Simple SMS and Mobile Pricing

Find the best plan for your business

Virtual mobile phone numbers are not attached to any specific sim card, phone, or location. Using a mobile number can help make your business look more personal compared to just using a standard toll-free or local number.

Outbound SMS

$0.07/Per Message
  • $0.10 Local/National calls, $0.17 To Mobile per Minute, $0.35 13/1300 Calls

Receiving SMS

$0.015/Per Message
  • Per SMS Received

Inbound calls

  • Only if using SMS services as well

Local & National Calls

  • Untimed to any national or local number in Australia

Mobile Calls

  • Billed per second with no flagfall or minimum.

13/ 1300 Calls

  • Only if using SMS services aswell

Mobile Porting Charge

$50.00 ex GST per Number Port

Number porting charge to move from your current provider over to us. Rejection fees apply; please speak to an account manager.

Each SIP Line

Each SIP line allows one concurrent inbound or outbound call - find out more about determining the required number SIP lines.

Visit our How Many SIP Trunks Do I Need? page for more information.

PAYG SIP Lines Critical Information Summary

Minimum Total Cost for SMS with Calling is $23.00 (1 SIP Line $8.00 + 1 Single Mobile Number).

Minimum Total Cost for SMS no Calling is $15.00

For more details, please review the PAYG SIP Lines Critical Information Summary (PDF).

All prices are Ex GST.

SMS Solutions

Digital Receptionist to SMS

A Digital Receptionist to SMS service, using IVR technology, allows callers to receive SMS messages with relevant details upon pressing a specific key. This system automates information sharing, providing instant text or link responses based on the caller’s selection, enhancing convenience and efficiency in communication.

The Email-to-SMS Service is an innovative tool that converts emails into text messages, ensuring quick and secure communication. It selectively accepts emails from approved addresses, enhancing its reliability. Key use cases include:

  1. Emergency Alerts: Swiftly delivers crucial information via SMS.
  2. Appointment Reminders: Sends timely reminders for meetings or bookings.
  3. Sales Promotions: Alerts about special deals through text messages.
  4. Event Updates: Communicates last-minute changes in events.
  5. Customer Service: Provides fast responses to customer inquiries.

Integrated with 3CX, it offers additional functionalities like voicemail-to-text conversions, meeting reminders, customer support follow-ups, and alerts from monitoring systems. This integration makes it an essential tool for efficient business communication.

Looking for 10+ Concurrent Calls?

Aatrox Communications offers competitive pricing for companies looking for 10+ concurrent calls.

Are you a Not-For-Profit or Charity?

 We provide custom pricing for not-for-profit companies and charities within Australia.

Which SIP plan is best for your business?

Aatrox Communications is an Australian owned and operated full service SIP trunk provider specialising in connecting small and large business to the traditional telephony network using the internet.