Due to the pandemic currently sweeping the world, a large portion of the world’s workforce has gone online. To some, this was a welcome change, or perhaps even no change at all to those already working remotely.

To others – it’s definitely been an adjustment. We’ve seen businesses without a plan scramble to get their office online – and thankfully we’ve seen the tech industry step up and help.

Larger organisation issues aside, we are also seeing the workers themselves struggling. Working from home may be new to a lot of people, or just something they don’t prefer.

So how do you make the most out of your workday at home? We have some tips and tricks from those that have been doing it for years.

Act like it’s a normal work day – and get up and ready like you would any other day

The temptation to stay in pajamas all day is real. 

For most businesses in Australia, last week was the first week of remote working – and if this was you in this time, don’t stress. It was likely you and half of the country.

So far the advice is – this is likely going to be like this for a while, and pajamas all day is not sustainable.

Get up, shower, do your hair, get dressed – get started on the day early. 

Work in a separate and dedicated part of the house if possible

While this tip may not be possible depending on where you live, if you have the extra space this is definitely recommended.

Keeping your work and your life separate can be far more difficult when working from home, and they may start creeping into each other.

Setting up a home office in a separate room, that you can enter and leave as your day begins and ends, will help with the mental shift from work to home life.

Take breaks

Working from home, it’s easy to fall out of the usual routine in the office like coffee breaks and lunches.

Make sure you’re getting up and walking away from your desk enough to reset your mind like you would at work.

A great tip is to put on laundry or the dishwasher, and use it as a timer to know when to get up – and you’re getting chores done!

Stay connected

We thankfully have access to a large number of connectivity tools like 3CX, that are helping businesses stay connected despite not being in the office together.

Web conferencing tools allow us to share screens, see each other, send files – whatever we may need to stay productive while apart.

Make use of these tools – and they don’t always have to be business only! Call your co-workers and have a coffee from your office or living room. Stay connected.

The upside to remote working

While remote working may be frustrating to some, especially those that aren’t used to it, there will always be some small perks to take advantage of.

It could be the chores mentioned earlier, that would usually be piled up waiting for you after your commute home. Maybe you get to spend more time with a pet while you work, or perhaps you’re a budding home chef who now has the time to try those recipes you put aside.

The perks will of course vary depending on what you like, but they’re sure to be there. Now more than ever, find them and enjoy them!