Port Numbers to Aatrox Communications

    Please note, if your invoice contains hunt groups, Telstra DOT, ISDN services, or NBN linked numbers. We recommend you place a Category-C Port.

    These are also known as “Simple number ports”, typically they are home phones, basic analog/Virtual lines, or where you have 1 number.

    Also known as “Complex port” this is used if you want to port number blocks or multiple numbers from 1 account.

    Allows you to transfer your mobile phone number from one mobile service provider to Aatrox. This process enables you to switch carriers while retaining your existing phone number as a virtual mobile number.

    Also Known as "Freecall or Local Rate Services", These numbers start with 13, 1300 or 1800 & others. Please use this option if you are unsure what type of port this is.

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    By completing this form, you accept the Aatrox Communications Fee Schedule and Terms of servcie. You also warrant that: You are authorized by the Customer to complete and submit this Service Order for and on behalf of the Customer, and the details contained in this Service Order are accurate and correct to the best of your knowledge. Ports are subject to the losing provider’s approval. I understand that when a number is ported, any services associated with this number could be cancelled as part of the porting process, and I will no longer receive an invoice from my current provider for this line. Please do not contact your current provider and ask for the line to be cancelled. I accept that Aatrox Communications takes no responsibility if any of my other telecommunications services are disconnected as a result of my number port request. This includes internet services and linked numbers.

    For issues please email porting@aatroxcommunications.com.au