Business Phone Plans

The right business phone plans can transform your business’ communications. They can allow you to generate real flexibility and scalability among your employees, which will help you respond quickly and maintain business continuity under unprecedented circumstances. Best of all, you don’t need extensive or expensive equipment.

Many modern mobile applications for business phones allow you to take advantage of software and virtual phone networks that will enable you to make and receive calls over the internet. This will equip you with a potent, all-rounded communications hub that keeps your work moving no matter where you or your employees are.

Benefits of switching to VoIP

The benefits of switching to VoIP business phone plans are near limitless. You’ll get to keep business going, wherever you are, with all the tools needed to streamline communications. Your employees will be more productive and have a better experience on the job, which will, in turn, increase staff retention.

Business Phone Plans
Best of all, with business phone networks connecting employees and customers across the globe without the high costs of long-distance calls, you’ll get to work with the best talent, no matter how far from your headquarters they might be.

Ready to create a more resilient, flexible workforce? Help your company adapt and scale to new opportunities when you switch to cloud-based business phone plans. Embrace technology and free yourself from the limitations of geographic barriers.

The future’s online, and it’s time to become a part of it.

Small Business Phone Systems in Australia

The move to cloud-based services has revolutionised the world of business telephony. Virtual offerings mean that you won’t need to pay considerable fees to purchase, install, or maintain complex equipment. As a result, even small businesses can now access features that were once only affordable by major enterprises.

No matter your company’s size, you can take advantage of modern, tech-forward functionalities that bring you high-quality calls and cutting-edge features at affordable prices.

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VoIP business phone

VoIP business phone plans aren’t limited to landlines, either. Enterprise smartphones can be incorporated into your business phone services, too. That means that your employees will have everything they need to stay connected on the road or if they have to work remotely. These excellent collaborative tools will grant your business far more flexibility in its operations.

Software advances, such as VoIP, have helped enterprise telephony evolve for the better. Most modern VoIP phone providers give you the option to add a range of automated services and integrations with other platforms to help take productivity even further.

You can even benefit from enhanced analytics with particular cloud-based business phone plans. They will help you maximise the efficiency of your communications and get great insights into customer behaviour. Knowledge is power, and by knowing what your customers respond to, you can tweak your operations to get more closures and improve conversions.

Call Centre Operations

Your call centre is where the most important interactions with your customers take place. Setting up the correct interface can go a long way in providing a better customer experience, which will help you gain loyalty, trust, and revenue.

The right VoIP system can give you the tools you need to provide a fantastic experience for every caller while managing employee resources better.

VoIP business phone plans can equip you with real-time reporting functionality, allowing you to plan for peak calling times and strategise to keep wait times low.

You’ll also have the ability to integrate incoming and outgoing calls with applications like customer support ticketing, billing, your CRM, and payment processing. This will streamline operations for your contact centre staff, helping handle calls faster and solve customer issues quicker.

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Modern VoIP business

Modern VoIP business phone systems can also equip you with multimedia connectivity that spans tools such as instant messaging. This allows your staff to contact team members for answers while customers are on the line, or field questions in remote locations, keeping costs down.

Effective business phone plans can improve the quality of your call centre solutions, giving employees and customers alike a smoother, more positive experience.

A cloud-based business phone system will also be cheaper to use in the long-run. You’ll get to benefit from automatic updates instead of having to pay large amounts of money to a telecommunications company every time you need a technician sent out. Don’t worry about trying to schedule maintenance or servicing around a tight schedule. Download and install upgrades and fixes at your leisure when you switch to a virtual business phone plan.

Improve Sales Team Effectiveness

Modern-day VoIP-based business phone plans offer your sales representatives more options for engaging with prospects. Your sales staff can continue to engage in revenue-driving interactions over the telephone or embrace other mediums if your clients prefer these. Send out businesses text messages to reach prospects from a mailing list more quickly or videoconference corporate and B2B clients.

The wide variety of integrations offered by digital business phone systems can further improve your ability to make conversions. For instance, by integrating your system with your CRM, you can receive a better return on your investment. That is because you will no longer have to worry whether your salespeople have the time to record their activities in it.

The right VoIP-based business phone plans will help your sales representatives stay in contact with managers and existing clients while on the road. Explore new prospects while remaining in touch with operations back at your corporate HQ, and ensure that no one is left in the dark about what is happening within the business.

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Enable Remote Working

Work is increasingly becoming something many people can do anywhere. As more and more businesses and employees recognise the benefits of remote working, it has become increasingly important to adopt a powerful business phone strategy.

Here are some of the advantages you’ll get when you switch to VoIP business phone plans:

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Improve Employee Morale

Employees love having the opportunities to embrace greater flexibility.
By offering your staff the chance to work in a way that better integrates with their lives outside the office, you’ll allow each employee to work in a manner that suits their strengths best.

In turn, businesses with understanding and supportive management tend to benefit from greater productivity and higher retention rates.
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Hire The Best Workers

With systems in place to facilitate remote working, your company will be able to scout and hire exceptional talent, regardless of where in the world they may be physically located.

VoIP business phone plans will let you expand your operations across the globe and enter new markets with ease. Maybe you’re in Sydney, and your dream graphic designer is in Melbourne – or Montenegro? With an efficient VoIP business phone plan, you’ll still be able to communicate effectively and get great work done.

Keep Costs Down

By enabling your employees to work remotely, you won’t have to spend money paying the rent on offices in multiple cities or countries. You may even be able to scale down corporate HQ space. For instance, if some of your employees are only in part of the week, you may be able to establish desk sharing arrangements once you have VoIP business phone plans in place, allowing you to use a smaller office.

You’ll no longer have to pay astronomical big-city real estate costs simply because that’s where the workers are. You can set up an office in a more affordable location and communicate with employees virtually.

Improve Productivity

With the resources on hand to work effectively and collaboratively with other team members, your employees can stay connected while embracing opportunities outside the office.

Beneficial corporate conference going on? Valuable sales prospect wanting a meeting? Your staff can remain connected with all goings-on in or outside the office walls when they’re equipped with the right digitally-based business phone plans.

Make a Greater Difference

The benefits don’t end with your bottom line. Setting up the capacity to go remote can make a difference far beyond your office walls. You’ll help reduce traffic, minimise carbon emissions, give your employees more time around their families, and do your part in making a better future.

Do Business Better

With a business phone plan, your remote workers can use your office’s systems anywhere. They can take advantage of the benefits business telephony offers to work better, on the road or in their homes.

Some VoIP providers can even set up VoIP business phone plans that integrate with employee smartphones so they’ll act like enterprise SIP phones. This means that your employees can take and make business calls while keeping their personal numbers private and accessing all the corporate features they need.

When you integrate your VoIP phone plans with your systems, applications and solutions, your remote workers will stay connected to team members and take advantage of productivity-enhancing tools, no matter how far from the office they might be.

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