Over the last few years there has been some very interesting changes happening in the telecommunications handset space.

We are seeing manufacturers having to keep up with the phone system providers who are setting the pace around the number of features which need to be supported.

These features include:

  • Video Calling
  • Remote Provisioning and maintenance
  • Third party app integrations such as Skype and Office 365
  • Easy deployment methods
  • Capability with headset providers
  • Being able to be controlled from softphone and web based clients
  • And much more
yealink conference phone

One provider we have been keeping a close eye on is Yealink.

They have constantly been out preforming, releasing new features and from a cost stand point cannot be beat. We have found that the handsets are reliable; some of our customers and partners have been using models such as the Yealink SIP-T48G (executive, touch screen phone) for the last 4 years without any issues at all.

The relationship which Yealink is building with phone system providers, suppliers and end customers is impressive. Currently we don’t see any other telecommunications company keeping up with the pace that Yealink is working at. We are excited to see how the VoIP Wireless Conference phone being released sometime this year performs; as this will be one of the first VoIP Wireless Conference phones being released by one of the few major handset manufacturers. For more information on Yealink phones currently available, and features included in each one, visit our VoIP hardware page.