3CX can be deployed in many ways on many different types of hardware. Please see the 3CX hardware specification requirements here.

Don’t want to worry about 3CX hardware?

If you don’t currently have any internal server infrastructure and would rather not purchase anything physical that you may have to upgrade, the easiest way to deploy 3CX is on one of the supported public cloud providers.

Do you have internal server infrastructure currently?

Is it already virtualized?

Do you have spare resources?

3CX is supported to be installed on VMware or HyperV.

We recommend that if your infrastructure is already virtualized onsite and you have some spare resources, that you keep your 3CX phone system on-site. Install 3CX on a Linux Debian VM.

Looking to purchase new hardware on a budget?

We found that customers and partners who are looking for a cost-effective hardware solution have been deploying 3CX on either Intel NUC’s or HP Elite Desk Desktops.

Customers and partners have been enjoying the Intel NUC’s for their portability and physical size.

Customers and partners have been enjoying the HP Elite Desk Desktops due to their next business day warranty and high processing power for the amount they cost.

Looking to purchase a stand-alone server?

Customers and partners have been enjoying HP ML series server towers.

They are a cost effective, entry level server which can give redundant power supplies, RAID, ECC RAM and a next business day warranty.

What about the operating system?

3CX is available to be installed on either Windows or Linux, and there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when deciding which OS you will use.
Read more about deciding on an operating system.
The hardware chosen will ultimately depend on the budget and how crucial the telephony infrastructure is to the business. Aatrox Communications SIP Trunks can failover at the carrier level so if a SIP Trunk isn’t registered, it can always divert all calls to another number.
Read about a previous deployment where this type of failover was carried out.

If you have any questions about what hardware you should be getting for your deployment please don’t hesitate to give us a call.