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Which Mini PCs can be used?

Leading IP PBX, 3CX are constantly testing different brands and models of Mini PCs for compatibility. As of writing this article, the tested and compatible Mini PCs are as follows:

Intel NUC

Shuttle XPC Nano

Gigabyte BRIX

Zotac Zbox

If a MiniPC you wish to use isn’t listed by 3CX and you aren’t sure of it’s compatibility – it is very likely that if it works with Debian 9, 3CX should run fine on your IP PBX appliance.

MiniPCs are a great option for small to medium size businesses as they don’t break the bank, take up much space and use far less power than a desktop PC.

If you’re considering going down the IP PBX route but not sure what you would do with it – this could be a great option for you.

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