VoIP integration with Exact Online

Exact Online is an innovative cloud-based CRM that centralises customer information and makes it easily accessible to all necessary employees at any time. With the addition of VoIP integration for Exact Online, the sales process becomes infinitely more streamlined. Clients and calls are logged on first contact, and pre-existing client information is displayed as soon as you take their call.

The combination of an award-winning IP PBX and a complete CRM solution increases sales effectiveness and ensures the process from initial contact to invoicing runs smoothly.

VoIP integration for Exact Online boasts features such as:

  • Click to Call – Outbound calls can be made directly from the Exact Online interface using a simple ‘Hotkey Dialling’ feature
  • Create a New Contact – First-time callers are automatically added to Exact Online as a new contact
  • Customer Record – Incoming calls will show a returning customers information and contact record
  • Call Logs – Call logs are recorded in Exact Online for every call, so you are able to keep track of client communication
  • Activity Box – After every call, an activity box opens that enables you to make notes related to the call, that is then stored with the customer contact information.
For more information on how you can integrate your IP PBX with Exact Online, get in touch with us today.

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