The NBN has taken much longer to roll out in Australia than most people anticipated. Because of this, many point-to-point wireless providers have started all over Australia and New Zealand.

point to point wireless

How does Point-to-Point Wireless work?

Point-to-point wireless works by a provider pulling in Fibre to a specific location which doesn’t have NBN yet and setting up a tower in a good location which most of homes and businesses in the area have line of sight of.

The home or business then installs a small device in their premise which can see the tower; the device then connects to the tower; and the business is then able to receive and send data extremely quick using this method.

This has been a popular method because it is a very cost-effective option which enables the homes or businesses to achieve speeds just as fast as the NBN or faster.

We have found that partners and companies have been rolling out 3CX Phone Systems over these connections very successfully.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • There is a small amount of added latency when using Point to Point Wireless over the traditional methods of ADSL/NBN/Fibre
  • There is a risk that if Line of Site cannot be achieved or is compromised, that the phone system will go down
  • The bandwidth which is provided from the Point to Point Wireless provider can be easily oversubscribed. It is recommended to sign up as a business connection and try to get a dedicated contention ratio.
As we the internet infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand continues to improve, we look forward to working with customers and partners on their 3CX Phone System deployments.

For more information regarding 3CX and the types of internet connections recommended or required – feel free to get in touch.