3CX recently released Update 6 of v15.5 including major SSL security updates and great new features within the web client and smartphone apps.

Due to the importance of this update, those using the IP PBX can update to this service pack regardless of whether they have 3CX maintenance.

Users of older IP PBX versions (15.0 and 15.5 users) are now able to update with ease thanks to tools prepared by 3CX.


3CX run as administrator
3CX Windows Updater


For those with 3CX installed on Linux, connect to your installation via SSH and switch into “root”.

Note: You may use ‘sudo su’ to do this.

Enter the following commands to upgrade:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

Note: If your current installation is below v15.5 SP1, the commands must be executed twice as the recent updates are in a different repository.

3CX Linux installation

Version 14 and Below

With Active Maintenance Renewal

Follow the normal upgrade path to reach the latest service pack update.

Expired Maintenance Renewal

If you do not currently have 3CX Maintenance, you will have to contact the 3CX customer service team.