We generally recommend that customer speak to a partner before trying to manage a phone system implementation themselves – but if you’re so inclined, there are plenty of resources out there to help you.

Learning to deploy and/or maintain a 3CX phone system takes time, but a lot of 3CX success can be attributed to the ease-of-use of the 3CX phone system.


For end customers:

There are a number of resources for end customers to learn more about deploying or maintaining a 3CX phone system.

Here at Aatrox Communications, we have put together a Resources page, with many tutorials for customers and partners alike.3CX basic certification

We also highly recommend the 3CX YouTube. We use a number of their videos across our blog as they are consise and easy to understand for people of most levels of tech knowledge.

They have a lot of great video tutorials on how to operate the system and continue to bring out videos on features which are being released periodically.

Feel free to reach out to your 3CX partner, who can assist you in accessing the resources to become a 3CX Certified Engineer. The free certification includes an exam, an makes for a great addition to your CV.

For Partners:

3CX advanced certification

When signing up as a 3CX partner, you are granted access to an NFR key, which is a great way

to get familiar with 3CX. This enables you to install the 3CX phone system, start testing out the features, and get yourself comfortable with what the system can do.

By having more experience in the workings and features of the 3CX phone system, you will be confident in selling the system to end clients, as you know that the system can meet virtually any requirements raised.



If you need assistance in answering any questions, or would like to come in for a meeting and be taken through 3CX, shown some tips and tricks to selling it please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.