A study in 2019 found that of all organisations that had moved to cloud services, 81% of them were Office 365 usersIt should come as no surprise then, that an advanced feature of 3CX is of course Office 365 integration.

The 3CX and Office 365 integration seamlessly merges the two, ensuring very little extra administration, even to get set up.

Using the integration module in 3CX v16, your 365 users will be automatically imported into 3CX as contacts in what has been described as near-real time. 

Calendar entries are also regularly synced, updating users’ 3CX status and forwarding rules according to a ‘Show As‘ status in the entry. Users also have the option to create status options in 3CX if the default options do not suffifce.


For more information on what can be done with 3CX, we have a number of resources to help you get started.