Every smart business person knows that communication is absolutely paramount in any business environment. You need to communicate with each other, communicate with your business partners and communicate with your customers if you want to be successful. A fantastic 3CX phone system can improve your communication capabilities like never before. 

So, what’s the big deal with these phone systems? You may be wondering this if you’re used to traditional landline phone systems. If those worked fine for years, why make the change? 

Any intelligent Australian business person knows that the business world is constantly changing and evolving, and to thrive, you need to change and evolve as well. With this innovative technology, you can do just that. 

Before making any decisions, you should know about the plethora of benefits and advantages that these systems can bring you.

What Are These Phone Systems?

What exactly are 3CX phone systems? To put it simply, they’re innovative phone systems meant to be used by businesses. They use SIP trunk technology to let businesses use an internet connection to contact the people they need to speak to, rather than relying on physical landlines that might not be as reliable. 

People who are used to standard landline phones may be shocked as to just how advanced these systems are. Not only can you call people over the phone as you would with a traditional home phone, but you can also use other forms of communication to connect with the people you need to reach. 

This includes things like leaving voice messages, text messaging, phone conferencing and more. Sometimes, messages don’t need to be transmitted through live phone calls – they’re much better off as simple texts that get the job done quickly and easily.

What Can A 3CX Phone System Do For Me?

A business phone system with plenty of extremely helpful features sounds wonderful, but what does this specifically mean for you?

This type of system is highly praised and frequently utilised by businesses all over the world because:

  • It’s Affordable. Something that everyone knows is that in business, money is incredibly important. How much you spend, how much you make and how well you utilise your money is fundamental to how well you’ll do and how quickly you’ll grow. One of the best benefits of these phone systems is that they’re very affordable. Most businesses, no matter how big or small they are, can afford a package that suits their needs. 3CX phone systems are well worth their cost due to all of the features and benefits you can experience.
  • It Has Many Communication Options. As mentioned above, you can communicate with your team in so many different ways other than just calling them. You can send messages, use live chat, start a video conference and more. No matter what kind of message you need to send, you will surely find a method that suits your needs. 
  • It’s Scalable. Instead of purchasing a system that’s a certain size and can’t grow or shrink, you can invest in this type of system which is scalable and can be altered to fit your needs. Businesses rarely stay the same size forever. You can grow in size and success, or you could downsize to become more compact. Either way, it’s doubtful that you’ll need the exact same volume of phones and SIP trunks over time. You can use SIP trunk technology to make your 3CX phone system the perfect size for your business. Certain SIP plans allow you to add or remove SIP trunks when needed.
  • It’s Easy To Learn And Use. Even if you’re not incredibly tech-savvy, you’ll probably have an easy time learning how to use your new phone system. The design is very intuitive and user-friendly. After some time to get used to it, you’ll be communicating effectively with your team in no time. 
  • It Can Improve Productivity And Customer Satisfaction. Better communication means better productivity and happier customers. After all, what team can work well if they can’t speak to each other properly? Quick communication leads to faster success. 
  • It Utilises SIP And VOIP Technology. You can go through a trustworthy SIP trunk provider to set up SIP technology for your business. SIP and VOIP tech already have heaps of wonderful benefits that can strongly enhance your business. For example, we’ve already mentioned how scalable SIP trunking can be. You can alter your SIP setup to reflect your company’s needs. 

How Can I Get A Phone System That’s Perfect For My Australian Business?

Aatrox Communications is here to help businesses in Australia and beyond with their communication capabilities. Our impressive technology and products can seriously boost your business and make your valued team and customers very happy. 

Are you interested in smooth, efficient communication for your company? Call us today at 03 8397 2990. We also encourage you to check out our website to get in touch with us and read about what we can do for you.

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