3CX have just recently released version 15.5 update 5 – and it’s got a number of exciting new features.

Part of our role at Aatrox Communications is to be part of the beta releases to understand what’s on the horizon, continuously test compatibility, and advise partners and customers on how they can use the new features most effectively.

Here are some of our highlights:


1. New SIP Trunk/DID report

The latest addition of the SIP Trunk/ DID report has taken reporting functionality to a whole new level;

3CX has added a  feature that creates a report outlining how many inbound calls are coming through a group or specific DID, which has already made a number of companies very happy.

Companies who use specific DIDs for marketing can run reports periodically to see how much traffic is coming from specific sources by reporting on the specific DIDs.

Taken further this can be used to help you understand the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

We are looking forward to hearing how customers and partners are making the most of the feature.

3CX Trunk/ DID report

2. Generating a report on multiple queues

We find that partners and customers love the call queue reporting already.

They are able to check on call statistics for extensions within the queue, if SLAs have been breached and much more.

3CX has now added functionality to be able to compile the information for multiple queues into one report. This will save time for the queue managers who often have to submit these reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to management.


3. Further call recording features

We find the ability for call recording is often a significant factor in customers moving to 3CX. We’re very pleased that this feature is continuing to evolve.

With the additional capabilities in the recent update, it makes the feature even more valuable.

Enforcing call recording – The user of the extension will not be able to stop/pause the call recording.

Recording of internal and/or external calls – For customers and partners with large call volumes, this feature will allows better efficiency regarding management of recorded calls.

Saving recordings in ADPCM format – This feature will allows partners and customers to save money on the amount of hard drive space used, and the time taken to manage the recordings if archived periodically. The amount of space used by ADPCM is approx 256kb compared to 1mb (PCM).


4. Improved server side CRM integration

A feature rich phone system which can deliver optimum performance with telecommunications is great, however we know from experience how much value a well integrated phone system can deliver.

This is often as simple as streamlining workflows an employee follows throughout the day.

With this update 3CX have added support for following CRMs:

● AmoCRM

● ExactOnline

● ZohoV2

● Opencnam

● Vtiger

3CX have also improved the integrations with Salesforce, Freshdesk and Connectwise.
With these companies being such major players in the CRM space we are confident that the added improvements will be greatly appreciated by partners and customers alike.

A feature that many seem unaware of, is the ability to create your own 3CX integration – something that also been refined in the recent update.

This ability opens up opportunities for partners who operate in specific industries with CRMs not usuall supported by 3CX. We anticipate that many of our partners will develop useful CRM integrations to make their presence in their industry stronger.

5. More governance over the 3CX chat

3CX Administrators now have the power to disable the chat feature. We often get this question, and are pleased to see that a feature has been released to address this.

Governance and control over certain features is sometimes necessary in organisations, either for security or productivity. Great to see 3CX on the front foot on this one.


6. Improvements in emergency dialing

It is now possible to configure the emergency number for either a group or range of extensions. You will be able to choose who is allowed to dial an emergency number by either group or range of extensions.

They have also added that the emergency number will no longer count towards the license limit, which avoids any potentially very poorly timed licensing limitations!


7. Forgotten password and replace license key functionality

For 3CX administrators this feature release removes two big pain points.

Forgotten passwords can now be reset via the administrators email address, so ensuring administrator emails are up to date is a necessity!

Until now, changing a license key meant reinstalling the whole phone system and entering the new license key at the start of the installation.

As of this release, if we are required to switch out the license key (such as if a customer has switched edition of license), we are able to do this from the management console.


8. The increase of shared parking spots from 50 to 250

This is a huge change which will increase the functionality for bigger organisations who are currently using 3CX, as it has been a common limitation our customers and partners have been running into.

There have been many more changes in this most recent update that is documented on the 3CX blog.


We picked a few major changes which will have a big impact to our partners and customers – but ultimately we’d encourage you to download the update, have a play, and let us know your thoughts.