The world of communication has been changing for years, and we’re at a point where you can connect with virtually anyone around the world if you have the right 3CX phone system. Clever VoIP tech and sufficient SIP trunks don’t just help you communicate; they help you succeed! 

Fantastic communication is one of the cornerstones of success. How can you expect to make sales, form connections and expand your business if your phone system is unreliable? One of these outstanding phone systems can do so much for your Australian company. 

Do you want to know more? Read on to learn all about these wonderful systems, how they can benefit you and how you can invest in one as soon as possible.

What Are These Phone Systems?

A 3CX phone system is a modern solution to business communication. It’s a software-based PBX (private branch exchange) system that’s based on the SIP (session initiation protocol) standard. It allows you to use your work phones or other devices to make and take calls and other messages. 

The popularity of this tech is on the rise for several reasons. For one, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to work from their homes, and innovative software-based communication systems allow people to work with their coworkers as if they were in the same office, even when they’re many kilometres apart. 

Furthermore, even if you disregard recent world events, a 3CX system is still an incredible asset. Using one can make speaking with anyone as easy as clicking a button, no matter how far.

Everything You Need To Know About These Incredible Phone Systems

What exactly separates this software from traditional phone lines? Quite a lot, actually! You can expect these shocking benefits when you invest in this technology for your Australian team:

It’s Cost-Effective. A significant part of smartly managing a business is understanding how to spend money wisely without going over budget and without sacrificing quality. These phone systems are amazing but don’t worry; they won’t drain your funds or your profits. 

This is because 3CX phone systems are astoundingly affordable. Of course, your exact fees will depend on certain details, such as the size of your system, what kind of plan you choose and so on, but overall these systems are the perfect choice for anyone. 

This system is software-based, so you won’t need to spend a fortune on physical hardware like you would with an advanced traditional phone system. 

An amazing advantage of SIP technology is that there’s virtually no difference between a local call and an overseas call when you use your SIP trunks instead of a landline. Say goodbye to the outrageous overseas and long-distance fees of the past and choose a SIP plan that works for you.

Incredible Additional Features. A 3CX system can offer you more than just standard phone calls. Call recording, voicemail, video conferencing, messages and more can drastically improve how you communicate with your team, business partners and clients.

Not every message requires a phone call, and some conversations don’t do well over text. These additional features allow you to choose a method of communication that perfectly suits the message you are trying to send. 

Plus, if you’re working with people who aren’t in the same space as you, you can bring everyone together with a video conference. Getting everyone together in a room at the same time for a meeting can be extremely difficult, so why go through that trouble? Organise a good time for everyone where you can all hop on your devices and meet.

Impressive Scalability For Any Business. If your business is relatively small, you may wonder, ‘Do I really need this fancy system? My business is still small; I don’t know if I should get this for us just yet.’

You should know that 3CX phones, VoIP tech and SIP trunking are for any business of any size. It’s a conveniently scalable technology that can work for everyone, from small teams to massive corporations. 

All you need to do is speak to your SIP provider to discuss your needs and your current phone usage to determine the best option for you. 

Convenient Mobility. We’re not always at our computers or near our work phones; what happens if an important call is coming but you’re out? Don’t worry; you won’t miss that call because you can make and receive messages and calls on a compatible smartphone or other mobile device. You just need an internet connection and the right software.

Interested? Learn How You Can Get An Amazing New Phone System For Your Australian Business

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