3CX have released a huge update of WebMeeting, the award winning web conferencing feature.
WebMeeting web conferencing
Since the release of WebMeeting in 2015, this popular web conferencing feature has seen 3CX take home a number of awards. After a successful 3 years, 3CX has released a huge new update of WebMeeting including a range of new, easily accessible settings to improve the video conferencing experience of 3CX users.
There are a number of improvements that stand out to us in this WebMeeting update, our most notable including:

Screenshot Feature

3CX have now included an in-built screenshot feature to WebMeeting. The screenshot button is conveniently located in the top right corner of the video frame, and all images taken are saved instantly to your computer.

UI, UX Redesign & Improvements

Elements of the WebMeeting feature were beginning to look a bit tired, and others had just been causing too much difficulty for far too long. 3CX has addressed these in this update by improving the design of the chat and participant windows, including clearer icons and a more sleek, modern design and a full screen button. The remote-control functionality also has had improvements, ensuring a more seamless and user-friendly use and installation.

Meeting Quality & Reliability

The new WebMeeting update ensures that your web conferencing will not be interrupted, even in poor networking conditions. WebMeeting is able to detect when you are suffering from connection issues and attempts to resend lost packet data. According to tests performed by 3CX, users experiencing up to 20% packet loss were not disconnected from their web conference and saw no significant changes in quality.

Video Recording Quality

Prior to this update, all web conference videos were recorded in 720p (HD). 3CX have added two additional options for video recording quality the formats now including; 480p, 720p and 1080p. This is to ensure that those with higher quality cameras are able to capture high quality video recordings, as well as a better option for those who aren’t terribly concerned with video quality.

Device Selection Settings

The multimedia settings panel is now a very important part of the WebMeeting functionality and includes easy to use device selection settings – a feature highly coveted by WebMeeting users. It is now extremely quick and simple to switch microphones, output devices (speakers, headphones etc) and webcams.

Meeting Quality Settings

Included in the multimedia settings panel are options for video and audio quality, allowing users to simply increase or decrease audio and video settings as needed. Additional audio settings have also been implemented including;

  • Noise Suppression – Specific noises such as typing on a keyboard are cancelled out
  • Echo Cancellation – The output from your speakers are cancelled out by the mic to minimise echo
  • Auto Gain Control – Automatically changes the input and output of your mic
  • Sensitivity Threshold – A sensitivity slider to ensure background noise is cancelled out.
For more information on the changes made to WebMeeting in this update, check out the full 3CX Change Log including in-depth information regarding this update and updates previously.

We are very much looking forward to using the new features in our next web conference and will be sure to give you our thoughts when we have done so!