VoIP & Remote Workers

Sales, techs and other remote workers often spend long amounts of time away from their desk. This could often see them missing important calls, emails and meetings while on the road.

With the use of a number of popular VoIP features, remote workers are able to carry out their usual activities between site visits and take or return calls anywhere at any time.

Softphone – All features in your pocket

Voicemail Features

When on the road or working with clients remotely, it’s not always possible to catch every phone call. Voicemail to email allows remote workers to easily check their missed calls and messages and respond right away.

Voicemail to text is another quick way of receiving missed calls and messages, allowing you to scan the message for important information quicker than listening to a voicemail recording.

SIP Forking

As mentioned before, combining all devices into one number saves time and hassle for those on the other end – and hassle for yourself having to remember many different numbers.

The SIP Forking feature is the ability for a single extension to be registered on multiple devices and is one of the most highlighted features of any VoIP suite. Read more about SIP forking here.

As more people continue working remotely, either on the road or at home, VoIP is increasingly becoming a bigger part of businesses around the country.

Aatrox Communications works with a number of VoIP suites, and would be happy to work with you on making your decision on which one will work best for you.

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