VoIP integration with Nutshell

Nutshell is a small business CRM software for B2B sales teams. It allows you to contain all customer information in the one place, view and track business leads and generate performance reports. In addition to automating the B2B sales process, VoIP integration for Nutshell allows you to ensure all sales activities remain on one platform, instead of being spread across multiple tools.

Nutshell CRM includes easy-to-use and intuitive features such as:

  • Fully customisable sales reports – Easily track sales and prioritise based on your business requirements
  • iPhone and Android apps – Ensure you never miss a sale with apps and push notifications available
  • Renowned customer service – With free personal support via phone, chat or email

Aatrox Communications proudly offers phone systems that are fully and easily integrated with Nutshell, allowing for not only the features as listed above, but the following as well:

  • Click to Call – Calls can be initiated straight from the Nutshell interface
  • Caller Information – Client information is displayed automatically when you receive an incoming call
  • Call Records – Information regarding the call is automatically added to Nutshell, and notes are able to be made and saved along with the call history
  • Create a New Contact – First-time callers will be added to the Nutshell contacts where information is able to be added at a later time
For more information on how you can integrate your IP PBX with Nutshell, get in touch with us today.

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