A dedicated connection with enough bandwidth for your maximum amount of concurrent calls will guarantee that you do not run into bandwidth issues; A very common reason why quality issues arise.

What is a dedicated internet connection?

A dedicated internet connection, or dedicated internet access (DIA), refers to a type of plan where a specified amount of bandwidth is reserved for one businesses/ users use. Generally, ISPs will oversubscribe the bandwidth sold as most users will not be using it at the same time. Most of the time this solution works fine, albeit outside of peak times.

What are the benefits of a dedicated internet connection?

As mentioned, dedicated internet access ensures that the amount of bandwidth you purchase will be exactly what you get, as your ISP has ensured that amount is always available for you. Because of this, even a peak times, you will have the same amount of bandwidth as you would at any other time.

While everyone else’s videos are buffering – you’re breezing through.

So is a dedicated internet connection for VoIP required?

We would say no.

It does decrease the risk for there to be any latency or connection issues, however it does increase the maintainability and cost of the solution considerably.

We find that most customers and partners have enough excess bandwidth to satisfy the requirements for their VoIP deployment.

By placing either QoS or priority on packets running over specific ports then this makes sure there is enough bandwidth for the calls.