3CX Extension Management

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Creating and managing 3CX extensions is made simple by accessing the Extensions screen in the 3CX Management Console.

Creating a 3CX Extension

Click “Add” on the Extensions screen. A welcome email will be sent to the new extension which will contain information on downloading the 3CX client and the attachment for auto provisioning.

Editing an Extension

Double click on the extension you wish to edit.


3CX extension user
3CX Webmeeting URL


3CX digital receptionist
Voicemail Tab

This tab allows for configuration of the 3CX extension users voicemail preferences, including:

  • Enabling, disabling and setting a voicemail PIN number
  • Enabling or Disabling email notifications
  • Whether to read date/time or caller ID

Manage Voicemail Greetings

Record personalised voicemail greetings directly from your phone, add a pre-recorded message and manage your greetings from this section.

Forwarding Rules

Rules defining what is to happen when the user cannot take a call can be specified at the 3CX extension level.

These rules can be defined based on the time, caller ID, user status and whether the call is coming from an internal or external source.

Each status requires a forwarding rule (see above). This can be configured by the 3CX administrator via the Management Console, or by the user themselves with the 3CX client.

The status forwarding options available are:

  • Call users mobile simultaneously
  • Automatically logout the user from queues
  • Accept calls from Ring Groups
  • Forward internal/ external calls to:
    • Voicemail
    • Mobile
    • Another extension
    • Another number
    • End call

Auto Switch Status

The Auto Switch features changes a users status based on specific office hours for that user. These hours can be configured by clicking “Configure”.


The Exceptions feature allows you insert a caller ID, the time in which the exception will occur, and the desired action of the exception.


The provisioning tab enables you to add or edit settings of the phones linked to the extension.

BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)

BLF (or Busy Lamp Fields) refers to a light on an IP Phone that tells you whether another 3CX extension is busy or not.

On the page displayed below, you are able to configure BLF lights on an IP Phone as well as a 3CX client.

3CX BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)
The amount of BLF buttons available on the 3CX client is 28 by default, however the number of buttons on an IP Phone will vary by phone.

Options available for 3CX BLFs are as followed:

  • BLF – Presence information
  • Speed dial & custom speed dial
  • Shared parking
  • User login & log out
  • Changing presence status



Set advanced options relating to extension restrictions:

  • Disable extension
  • Disable external calls
  • Only allow outbound with use of a PIN
  • Disallow registrations from outside of the network (IP Phones)
  • Block remote tunnel connections
  • Block outbound calls outside of office hours


Configuring general options related to the extension:

  • Record all calls
  • Screen calls
  • Email notification of missed call
  • Hide from 3CX company phonebook
  • Allow user to organise 3CX Webmeeting video conferences
  • SIP ID – set up a SIP ID


In the Rights tab you are able to configure 3CX extension rights in a particular group (see “Group Membership” drop down).

Configuring rights in a group

  1. Select the group from the “Group Membership” drop down
  2. Select what role the extension will have in that group
  3. Modify extension rights:
    • Can see group members
    • Can see group calls
    • Show presence to group members
    • Show calls to group members
    • Divert, transfer, take any active call to group members
    • Can connect to, listen to or whisper in to calls made by any group member
    • Intercom
    • Control IVR
    • Manage company phonebook
  4. One rights have been chosen for that particular extension, select “OK” and restart the 3CX client.

Delegating Management

3CX enables delegation of extension management tasks, so that staff may be granted the amount of permissions required for their day-to-day tasks, and take away the need to ask the administrator for permission.

Staff permissions can be decided on by department heads, administrator or management, but that’s up to your company structure.

Granting Granular Access

Select the extension in the management console, clicking “Edit” > “Rights”

Enable option “Allow access to 3CX Management Console”.

In the 3CX Extensions Management section, select the level of permission you want to grant:

  • Manage own extension
  • Manage extensions in specific group
  • Manage all extensions

“System Management” options allow configuration of what a user can see and edit:

  • Administer SIP trunks
  • General System Administration
  • Generate call reports
  • Download call recordings

Managing 3CX Clients

Options available for managing the 3CX clients:


  • If your server has multiple network cards, you can select which network the client will connect to
  • Preferred SIP transport
  • RTP Modd
  • DTMF Mode
  • Enable PUSH for smarphones
  • Re-provision on startup
  • Use 3CX Tunnel for remote connections


  • Default view – Dial pad or presence information
  • Call control – Softphone or IP Phone


  • Block use of 3CX client
  • Hide forwarding rules
  • Show call recordings
  • Allow deletion of recordings


  • Select Codec priority

In order to use these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Extensions” from the management console
  2. Select the extension to be edited and select “Edit”
  3. Navigate to the “Phone Provisioning” tab and select the 3CX client from “Your Phones” drop down menu
  4. Select “OK” when finished configuring the settings above.

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Integration is available with a number of popular CRMs and Helpdesk systems when you have the Pro version of 3CX. If you find that the CRM you use isn’t available out of the box, new integrations can be easily created using the scripting module.

Click here for more information on CRM and Helpdesk integration.