VoIP Business Telephone System Upgrade Planning For Mid-Size Organisations

SIP trunking technology and VoIP phone systems help businesses all over the world stay updated and communicate with the important people who help them stay successful. You’re probably wondering where to start if you have not yet upgraded to a VoIP phone system. 

Changing your phone system is no small task. You’ll need to find a good service provider, have your new technology installed and you and your team will need to learn how to use it correctly. Overall, this change will be a good one and will help you better your company. But, the process can still be confusing.

If you follow the proper steps and work with a reliable SIP trunking service provider, your upgrade should go smoothly and you’ll be enjoying your new phone system in no time.

Does My Business Need A VoIP Phone System?

Firstly, if you are still deciding whether or not to change your phone system to a VoIP system, it’s vital that you understand why you should. These internet-based systems are ideal for innovative business owners who want to optimise their communication abilities, satisfy their customers and grow their client base. 

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, systems use an internet connection rather than physical landlines, so you’ll never have to worry about terrible weather taking out your phone system. As long as your internet connection stays strong, you can stay connected to whomever you need to speak to. 

SIP trunking technology also allows you to communicate with anyone in the world without those annoying international call fees. Using a great VoIP phone system can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What Steps Should I Take To Upgrade My Phone System?

It’s crucial that you are smart about your phone system’s change and do the right things to ensure that everything goes right. It would be best if you review and consider the following steps:

1. Determine What Your Company Needs. Before you settle on any SIP trunking packages, take a moment to evaluate your team and figure out what you need. You should consider your phone system’s hardware, how many channels you will need to fulfil your team’s needs, how many extensions you would like and more. 

Knowing what you might need can help you select a service package that suits you best. If you have difficulty figuring out what your office needs, you may want to contact your potential service provider and ask for their opinion. 

2. Figure Out What Your Company Has. Or, more specifically, check your office’s internet connection. A VoIP phone system requires the internet to run, so you will naturally need a suitable connection to properly use your new VoIP phones. 

You should always ensure your internet can handle SIP trunking technology before you make any purchases.

3. Find A Good Service Provider. After you have determined what your business needs and has, it’s now time to find a reliable service provider who will offer you excellent packages and wonderful customer service. It would be best if you looked for a provider with lots of experience, a fantastic reputation and flexible SIP trunk plans.

4. Determine How You Will Tell Your Coworkers Or Employees About The Change. Good communication is essential when any changes are made to your company. Therefore, you must take some time to think about the best ways to inform your staff about the phone system upgrade and help everyone get accumulated to the change. Using SIP trunking technology can be incredibly confusing when you use it for the first time, especially if you and your team are already used to your old phones. 

Always ensure your valued team is aware of the changes before making any. 

5. Work With Your Service Provider To Have Your New System Implemented. After everyone knows what’s going on and you are ready to make the change, you must then work with your selected service provider to get your new system set in place. 

A great SIP technology provider will do their absolute best to speak with you, understand what you want, tell you all the information you need to know and will help you successfully make the switch. If you have more questions after installation is complete, you should always feel free to speak to them.

Where Can I Go For An Affordable And Reasonable SIP Technology Service Package?

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