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Grouping extensions allows the admin to determine what information is shown to which users. Rights for a user can be determined on a group-by-group basis, and one extension can be a member of a number of groups.

Default Group

Creating Groups

  1. Navigate to the “Groups” section from the 3CX Management Console and click “Add”
  2. Specify a name for the group
  3. Navigate to the members section and select “Add” to add members
  4. Select “Managers” to assign managers for the group.


Rights can be specified from the “Group Rights” tab.

  • User rights apply to users only
  • Manager rights apply to managers only
  • Global rights apply to both users and managers
Global Rights

  • Publish Group information to all members – displays presence information between all group members
User & Manager Rights

The options available for users and managers are the same and are as follows:

  • See group members – allows the user to see presence information
  • See group calls – see calls made by other users
  • Show presence – show presence information to users
  • Show calls – show users calls to users
  • Perform operations on any calls (barge, transfer, take)
  • Receptionist operations (check in, check out, set status)
  • Barge in, listen, whisper
  • Intercom
  • Park calls
  • Control IVR
  • Manage phonebook