When scaling a business there are a lot of things which need to be considered.

By making the move to a IP phone system which uses SIP Trunks you will have the ease of increasing the amount of concurrent calls for your business by simply calling or sending an email to Aatrox Communications.

Scaling your traditional phone system

Traditionally, if your business outgrew your phone system and you required more lines, you were required to have additional copper installed from the street or an expansion module added to your on-prem phone system. Both of these options typically required months of planning and quite a large financial outlay. Making the decision to either install only what was needed or to spend more on installation and line rental to avoid doing it further down the line was an expensive gamble to make.

Thankfully with the rise and availability of VoIP, there is a much simpler option.

Scaling your IP Phone System

We see that customers and partners can make big moves in business without being restricted by their telecommunications needs, as they can increase or decrease their amount of SIP Trunks month to month.

For example:

If you manage to secure a big contract which requires them to put on an additional 30 staff, then increasing the amount of SIP Trunks for the business will only take a few minutes.

If they then complete the contract and the staff are no longer required, the amount of SIP Lines can then be decreased just as easily.

We look forward to working with customers and partners in deploying IP Phone systems which will allow their businesses to scale.