Conference calls are a great way of connecting with staff regardless of their geographic location, and are one of the many features included in the 3CX phone system.

To ensure another layer of security to a clients’ business, 3CX offers a security pin requirement for conferences calls, which can be enabled by the business 3CX administrator. The security pin settings are often enabled by businesses who make sensitive and confidential calls, however any business can benefit from added functionality to their calls.

Creating a conference call with a PIN enabled only has a single step added, ensuring that it is simple and straight-forward to add to your business security.

Only the person creating the conference is required to enter the security PIN, the rest of the participants entering with the conference extension number and conference ID as usual.

You begin as you would for any other conference call:

Yealink IP Phone

  • Dial the conference extension number
    (“700” by default), and enter the conference ID specific to that conference session.
  • The security pin is required to be entered after the conference number, separated by an asterisk (*).

For example:

If the conference ID is 120, and the security PIN is 500, you would dial the combination: 120*500#.


Note: It is recommended to notify the required participants before the conference call has begun, providing them with the conference extension number, conference ID, conference PIN, DID and calendar information.