3CX Phone System: Pricing, Top Features, Pros & Cons

It doesn’t matter what they do; every business in Australia needs a good phone system to stay connected with their people and satisfy their customers. A 3CX phone system is the answer to your prayers if you want a phone system that’s easy to use, very advanced and perfect for any modern business.

Technology can be a great asset to any business that wants to succeed in today’s world. Good business websites and high-quality phone systems can give you an edge over your competition because they’ll make it easier for your team to work together and for your customers to learn more about your company. 

This helpful article will cover all you need to know about this excellent phone system, including:

  • What sets this type of phone system apart.
  • The key features that can benefit your business.
  • A few pros and cons that every business owner should be aware of.

What Is A 3CX Phone System?

First of all, what exactly is this type of phone system? This high-quality system is a cloud-based system that was designed for remote workplaces. However, any workplace can enjoy the advantages that these phone systems bring.

Innovative business people have been finding easier and more effective ways for people to work remotely, even if sections of their team are across the country or even across the world. 

Cloud-based phone systems with many helpful features can make working with faraway people very easy. With video calls, you could call people and have a conversation with them as if they were in the same room as you. 

3CX phone systems might also be able to be integrated into programs and software that you already use. Overall, if you go through a good provider and do everything right, you can easily integrate one of these phone systems into your workplace and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

The Top Features That This System Can Offer You

What specific features can your new phone system offer you? What you can use may depend on the type of system and technology you opt for. However, in general, you will be able to use the following features:

Video Calls. With this system, you can set up a video conference for around 25-250 people. Finding a time that’s good for your entire team to meet in person can be very difficult, so video conferencing is a fantastic solution that can work for everyone. 

3CX phone systems make video calls easy to set up and participate in. You can enjoy clear call quality if you invest in a good system and go through a good provider. 

Live Chat. Live chat is a fantastic alternative to video calls if you don’t need to see someone face-to-face. You can send messages back and forth between you and your teammates to get important information. This chat type is much faster than emailing and isn’t as demanding as video or voice calls.

Call Forwarding. Call forwarding is the process of taking inbound calls and redirecting them to other people who can take their call at that time. Sometimes, the person the caller is trying to reach is busy and unable to answer. The caller may become angry or frustrated with your service if you leave them on hold for too long. So, call forwarding remedies the situation by getting the caller to someone who can help them as soon as possible. 

Software Integration. As mentioned above, you may be able to integrate some of the software you already use with your new 3CX phone system. Doing so can make using both your new phone system and the software you already use more convenient.

The Pros And Cons That You Should Know About

Like any other technology, this high-quality phone system also has a handful of pros and cons that you should know of before you get your own. 

Pro: Great Compatibility. These phone systems have good compatibility with Windows, Android and iOS devices. Many Australian companies already use these devices.

Con: Installation Can Be A Complex Job. Installing your new phone system may be challenging, so you might need a professional to install it for you. However, you should be fine if you hire a well-trained technician to install your system.

Pro: It’s Worth The Money. Investing in new technology might not be your cheapest option, but it’ll certainly be worth it because it’ll help boost your communication and productivity. 

Con: The PC Apps May Work Better Than The Mobile Apps. Some people find that the PC apps are much easier to use than the mobile apps. 

Where You Can Learn More About Upgrading Your Phone System

As you can see, a 3CX phone system is a fantastic choice for any modern company. If you’re interested in using one for your business, we encourage you to call us at Aatrox Communications. We help Australian businesses by offering them our services, which include 3CX and SIP trunking plans.

We understand that using new technology can be confusing, so we’re here to help. Call us at 03 8397 2990 or visit our contact page to reach our team.

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