3CX Certified Engineer

The  process for VoIP providers to become certified 3CX engineers is in-depth and goes far beyond simple call in/ call out tests.

3CX is a diverse and feature rich phone system with many aspects to understand from deployment to maintenance.

VoIP providers supplying end customers with 3CX having a detailed understanding of the phone system ensures that businesses making the change to VoIP, or to a new IP PBX, are able to make the most out of it.

3CX Certification Levels

There are three levels of 3CX certification – basic, intermediate and advanced.

3CX Basic Certification
Intermediate 3CX Certification
3CX Advanced Certification

Part of the certification process for 3CX partners includes a strategic review of the providers’ services. Free versions of 3CX are available for testing, as well as in-depth test plans for prospective partners to ensure their services are fully compatible.

Partners are also required to retest their services with 3CX each time major changes are made to their services.

The road to becoming a 3CX partner is a long one and requires a lot of preparation. However, this is of great benefit to the end customers, and there is a substantial amount of documentation and support from 3CX through this process.

The 3CX certification process covers the following areas:




3CX Installation Using PBX Express Configuring Ring Groups
3CX Apps Restoring & Backups Setting Up & Managing Call Queues
Deskphone Configuration Call Recording Advanced Routing (Inbound & Outbound)
Configuring Firewall Setting Up Remote IP Phones IP PBX Security
SIP Trunking Configuring for Hot Desking Bridge Configuration
Configuring Voicemail Forwarding Rules & Groups Troubleshooting 3CX
Configuring Digital Receptionist Scheduling

Part of the 3CX VoIP provider certification includes having a full working knowledge of the following areas:

  • DNS Resolution
    Applicable for SIP trunk providers using a FQDN (fully qualified domain name) as a Registrar or Outbound Proxy, the documentation available outlines how 3CX does the resolution and what behaviour will present.
  • Registration/ Authentication
    Documentation outlining the 4 types of authentication that SIP trunks can be configured with.
  • Inbound Calls
    This documentation provides information regarding the handling and routing of incoming calls and INVITE messages.
  • Outbound Calls
    How 3CX handles outbound calls through SIP trunks including the structuring of INVITE messages and population of SIP fields.
  • Codecs & SDP
    Support and negotiation of codecs used by 3CX during incoming and outgoing calls. This documentation also includes information regarding SDP (Session Description Protocol) and how this information is obtained.
  • Faxing
    Fax is a popular feature in 3CX, and this documentation outlines how fax with 3CX works and how it can be set up.
  • Other Options
    Additional information to further customise 3CX and set it up for specific deployment requirements

Ready to become a 3CX Certified Engineer?

Here at Aatrox Communications, we pride ourselves on having the highest standard of support and availability of 3CX advanced certified engineers.

We also believe that an important part of providing voice services isn’t just knowing 3CX inside and out but knowing each business that well too. With these combined, we are able to come up with the perfect SIP trunking solution to suit any need or budget.

Aatrox Communications is an Australian owned and operated full service SIP trunk provider. We specialise in connecting the traditional telephony network to the internet for small and large businesses.