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Mobile Number hosting

What is Mobile Number Hosting?

Mobile number hosting is a similar concept to the hosted inbound 1800 and 1300 numbers, the only difference being the number itself. Calls directed to the hosted number will be directed elsewhere as determined by you, i.e. your business number or your personal mobile number. It is often seen in sales environments that people will have many calls going to their business mobile numbers. Clients and customers get accustomed to getting in touch with the company through the one number instead of other means, and if you’re running a business with intermittent contact with your clients, a number change could mean a missed sales opportunity down the line. Mobile Number Hosting ensures that all mobile numbers used in your business can be redirected to the appropriate people when necessary, and that no calls are missed due to a change in staff.

Pricing Information

Mobile Call Rates

$22/ month

ex. GST

Local$0.055 per minute
National$0.065 per minute
Mobile$0.12 per minute

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