3CX Upgrade

As of October 7th 2018 3CX license reactivation will fail unless you have upgraded & your phone system will revert to free mode.

What happens if I revert to the free version of 3CX?

By reverting back to the free version of 3CX, there will be the following UC features will not be available:

  • CRM integrations (all except Microsoft Outlook)
  • Call monitoring and reporting tools
  • Built-in failover functionality
  • Any simultaneous calls about 16

Additionally, you will not have access to the safety features released in the latest update, making your phone system vulnerable.

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Why do I have to update?

3CX have released a number of new features and important security updates in this new version of the phone system.

SSL certificates used by 3CX will expire on this date, and there is a conflict between Mozilla/ Google and the certificate issuer.

To ensure your phone system remains active and secure with all required features, update to the latest version of 3CX today.

What’s new in this update?


A number of time-consuming admin tasks have been automated

Better Security

A+ rating from SSL Labs, encryption via SRTP & more

More IP Phone & Gateway Support

Certain Avaya & Granstream devices now supported with this update

New CRM Integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with even more CRM suites

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